This stacks up to be a “great” “big” auction!

March 21 would be a good day for Santa to come shop for next Christmas.  We have more toys than you can imagine and there is something for most everyone who likes toys to play with, to admire, to gift, to reminiscence.  Check the listing, view the photos and kevin & toys 3 -21plan to attend!

It’s Throw Back Thursday, but this auto is up for auction!

This looks like the type of auto you would see in a TBT post, but we have the real thing  – a 1956 Chrysler 2 door sedan in good condition w/ approx 50,000 miles to sell at auction in Sidney, OH on Saturday, Feb 7.  Check it out!!Chrysler

Large Auction Sat., Oct 4 at Darke Co Fairgrounds, Greenville, OH

Step back in time as you view the items in this auction with vintage parlor stoves, Hoosier kitchen cabinet, General Store Display pieces including an Oscar Okken curved front pie cabinet, excellent walnut store counter, primitives and country items, antiques & collectibles.  We hope to see you there!

Meet Bryan Pence – working at first auction as a new Apprentice Auctioneer!


Busy Weeks Coming Up…

Be sure to check our auction schedule.  You won’t want to miss the great auctions we have coming up:  Aug 23, 25, 30, Sept 1, 4, 6,  13, 15, 18, 20!!

Preview for July 19 – Friday 3-5 PM

Sat, July 19 – A great collection of Southwest Ohio Antiques, Tools, Civil War, Crocks & Much More

J F Herring Jr Painting oil on board

J Herring Jr oil on board Painting

You may have missed this J R Herring Jr painting  in our July 4th photo gallery and wanted to bring it to your attention! This was a fine piece of his work. It sold for $5,000.

JD Gator only 189 hrs – SOLD $7,600


My Belongings in the 21st Century — Where do I go from here?

Our lives in the United States have for many years been built upon acquiring a home and possessions. We have entered the 21st Century, but we are a product of our past. Every generation has been and will continue to be. We think we are unique, however, in reality we just have our own quirks. The quirk of the past was acquiring and appreciating. We will continue to acquire, but today, we need to explore the means to disperse.

The depression children of the 1920’s & 30’s grew up only to be become young adults and face rationing of WWII. They then struggled to raise their families as the country recovered into a new post war industrial age of the late 20th Century. Almost without warning their children became soldiers in Vietnam or Hippies or Yuppies and their grandchildren became Gen X’ers or the Y Generation. We started labeling everyone and everything. In 1980 I became the coordinator of handicapped students at the JVS: Joint Vocational School. They held meetings in the OCR: Orange Conference Room. I met Debra who taught DE: Distributive Education. We watched movies on a VCR: Video Cassette Recorder. Now we have APPS: That would be a given application that when applied to your cellular device would produce a program of interest to you. But unfortunately, the APP that solves in one fell swoop the situations created by the generations of the 20th Century mentioned above does not exist. The 20th century Grandparents, Parents, Baby Boomers and their children filled our homes with personal possessions for a variety of reasons AND , it was all done very well. Our homes are absolutely filled to the brim with our personal possessions. We own lots of stuff.

“THE WORLD HAS CHANGED!” Jobs for children born today haven’t yet been created! Our kids, cousins and relatives don’t live in close proximity to us. You are aware of how technology and economic events changed the world, but really it was more simple than that. It was the drive thru at McDonald’s! No longer are we expected to get out of our car to get a cup of coffee or a sandwich. We are a society that has places to go, things to do, people to see! We are a society that has a phone with us 24 hours a day! We want instantaneous gratification to whatever issue confronts us. Therefore, as our life styles changed, our home styles changed.

This is not a new phenomenon. In the 1950’s, the home decorating magazines did not show antiques as the means to decorate your residence. They highlighted modern themes and trends. The economic boom near the end of the 20th Century, the rise of flea markets, auctions and the increased means to disseminate information brought on a wave of consumerism in the antiques and collectibles market, classic autos and real estate. The question now is where do we go from here?

I still believe in auction marketing! The word auction has now evolved to be much different than in the past, but the concept has not changed. Whether or not one sells on site at an outcry auction or electronically at an on-line only event, I still believe that you need an honest, empathetic auctioneer and his staff to assist a ready, willing and able seller to find ready, willing and able buyers who are willing to bid in a competitive free market situation. A myriad of arenas exist to sell items today, but an auctioneer is still the expert at the total dispersal of large or small collections in the shortest amount of time with the fewest problems. Total dispersal does not occur through an App on your cell phone. There is not a magic wand that you can buy at your local big box store to solve your problem. And in reality this is not about being happy. This is about solving your problem. Our pragmatic world revolves around dollars: How much did it cost? How much is it worth? What is the appraised value? What is the price on E-bay? Selling needs to relate to the practical solution side: What is the value of a glass of water to a man dying of thirst? If you don’t sell, your value is at zero and the problem still exists. An auctioneer knows how to SELL!

Deb and I recently moved. We did not leave our local community nor did we retire. We forged ahead in the Twenty First Century with a renewed commitment to serve our clients and customers through a new web site and all that auction marketing now entails. In moving we experienced first-hand, the daunting task of downsizing. All things came into our homes, farms and businesses one at a time and usually over many years and those years also changed the face of our real estate. I have said that Hollywood cannot duplicate many of the situations that I have faced with my clients. Neither can Hollywood solve your problem. It takes the expertise of a seasoned, professional auctioneer to assess your situation and provide a solution. Contact us. There is a difference! Jerry Stichter, Auctioneer & Broker Associate of Garden Gate Realty.

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There is still a difference in auctioneers & auction companies.

Jerry Stichter, Auctioneer began his career in 1974 & quickly established a philosophy that there was a difference in auctioneers and their ability to impact the outcome of the auction. From that beginning he moved forward in the profession forming Jerry Stichter Auctioneer, Inc. The organization today is composed of a time tested group of auctioneers and staff members who are dedicated to the success of your event. Jerry Stichter is still the lead auctioneer, an active professional who can assess your situation and map out the strategy to a successful conclusion in the fields of both real estate and personal property. With nearly 40 years of experience, and recently inducted into the Ohio Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame, January 2013, Jerry Stichter, Auctioneer and Jerry Stichter Auctioneer, Inc. continue to take pride in the total management process of each appraisal, auction or real estate transaction. Whether it has been in the field of evaluation, selling or buying, we appreciate the trust that past clients and patrons have place in us and look forward to helping others find the right answer for their needs.

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