Sportsman Auction

Thursday, October 29

Firearms, Ammo, Knives &
Wicnhester Memorabila Collection

Live On-Site Auction
Location: 1301 N. Diamond Mill Rd., Brookville, OH 45309
Began:  10/29/20 at 3:00 PM EDT


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020     TIME:  3:00 PM


From Rt 35 at the east edge of New Lebanon, go North on Diamond Mill Rd. 1.25 Mi. or from Brookville, take Wolf Creek Pike East to South on Diamond Mill Rd. Off Road Parking. Mandated health regulations apply.

Firearms of All Types – Very Nice Winchester Memorabilia – Other Related Collectibles

FIREARMS: Revolver and Semi Automatic Pistols; Highlights Include Colt Anaconda, Enfield, Erma, Mausers, Ruger, Sig Sauer, S&W, Taurus and Walther. Rifle and Shot Gun Highlights Include Lever and Bolt Action Rifles by Marlin, Winchester and Others. Shotgun Highlights Include Remington 870 and 1100, Winchester Model 12 and Others. Rifle and Shotgun Makers Include Browning, H&R, Henry, Ithaca, Marlin, Mossberg, Mosin Nagant, Rossi, Remington, Ruger, Sweedish Mausers and Other Makers. Firearms sell at 5:15 PM. Viewing, auction day only.

FIREARMS RELATED: There will be a selection of ammunition, gun cases, clenaning kits, pellet rifles & BB guns and more as we complete the inventory.

KNIVES, ETC: See listing of pocket knives & other sharp edge objects as we continue to sort through the collection. Two excellent swords with scabbards; Buck; Case; Camillus; Ka-Bar; Robeson USN Mark 2 Sheath Knife and Others.

VINTAGE WINCHESTER COLLECTIBLES & RELATED ITEMS OF INTEREST: Winchester WWI 1917 bayonet & scabbard; gun cleaning rods; clay target thower; pocket knives; kitchen utensils; great variety of tools; wooden golf clubs; fly reel; flashlights; batteries; roller skates; ice skates; bicylcle badge; & more! PLUS: Mini oil cans by; Winchester, Gulf, Sunoco, Shell, Texaco, Ford, Maytag, etc; Shell-Penn quart oil bottle & others; Railroad oil can; brass fron scales & others; copper fire extinguisher; Westinghouse 19” brass blade fan; small lard press; candlestick telephones; coffee grinders; Favorige lunch pail; Ford & Maytag wrenches; Ford lock & Key & more to be found!

NOTE:  This is a single owner collection that you will surely appreciate. This Vietnam war veteran has assembled a unique & varied offering that makes your attendace at this event a worthwhile endeavor. Hope to see you there. Montgomery County Health mandates apply, masks required.


John Muncy, Jerry Stichter & Kevin Kauffmann
937-687-1919   –  937-216-9878

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Colt Anaconda Marlin Rifle Vintage Military Swords w/ Scabbards Knives Vintage & Contemporary Ammo

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No. 1 Ruger Redhawk, .44 magnum Obverse of 1:  Stainless Steel, Pachmayr grips No. 2:  Colt Anaconda Obverse of 2, .44 magnum No. 3  High Standard Longhorn convertible
Obverse of 3 holster & 2 cylinders No. 4 Ruger Mark IV w/ box Obverse of 4:  .22 LR No. 5 Sig Sauer w/ case, 9mm Obverse of 5, case, holster & 2 magazines
No. 6 Walther P1, 9 mm Obverse of 6, Iron Cross 1965 No. 7 Winchester Model 12, circa 1953 Obverse of 7:  .16 gauge No. 8 Marlin 336W lever action rifle
Obverse of 9:  .30-30 cal w/ scope & sling No. 9 Browning Lightning over & under Obverse of 9:  .12 ga, Belgium, modified stock No. 10 Russian Mosin Nagant w/ bayonet Obverse of 10
No. 11 Henry H004SM Obverse of 11, Lever action, .22LR No. 12 Rossi w/ .22, .410, & .45 barrels Obverse of 12 showing case & break-down parts No. 13 Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight
No. 14  Winchester Model 12 Obverse of 14, Pump action, Modified No. 15 Khan Obverse of 15, ventilated rib
No. 16  Browning Arms Field Grade Obverse of 16, .12 ga, ventilated rib No. 17  Stevens,   G20A Obverse of 17 No. 18, Mossberg 500C
Obverse of 18, .20 ga, vent rib No. 19  Henry H001 Obverse of 19, .22 cal lever action rifle w/ box No. 20 Kassnar Obverse of 20, .12 ga, vent rib, modified
No. 21 Smith & Wesson M&P Obverse of 21 Note:  9 mm & 3 magazines No. 22 RGuns, V13150 Russian revolver Obverse of 22:  1895 model dated 1944 R No. 23 RGuns, V13152 Russian revolver
Obverse of 23:  1895 model dated 1931 No. 24  Hi-Point IMP Obverse of 24:  .45ACP, one magazine No. 25  RSA Enterprises Super Commanche Obverse of 25:  Single shot, .410 or .45LC
No. 26  Smith & Wesson 22A1 Obverse of 26:  .22LR, 2 magazines & case No. 27  Smith & Wesson Model 3 Obverse of 27, Vintage revolver w/ Owl Grips No. 28 Smith & Wesson Circa 1905
Obverse of 28:  .32 cal No. 29  Enfield  No.2K Obverse of 29:  1937 Octagon barrel revolver No. 30 Erma EP Obverse of 30:  .22 cal, German w/ holster
No. 31  German Mauser Obverse of 31:  7.65 cal w/ holster No. 32  Waffenbrik Mauser Obverse of 32:  7.65 cal, wooden grips No. 33  Taurus .38 Special
Obverse of 33:  Snub nose revolver No. 34  CVA Hawken Obverse of 34:  .50 cal black powder percussion No. 35  USSG Rockledge MP310 Obverse of 35:  Over & Under .410 ga shotgun
No. 36  H&R Ultra slug Obverse of 36:  .20 ga w/ Bushnell scope & sling No. 37 Carl Gustaf Stads Gevarsfaktori 6.5x55mm Obverse of 37:  Swedish Mauser, Sport Stock No. 38 Mossberg 500A
Obverse of 38:  .12 ga in nice condition No. 39  Thompson Center Arms Obverse of 39:  .45 cal, black powder flintlock No. 40 Remington Nylon 66 Obverse of 40:  Semi-automatic, .22 cal w/ scope
No. 41  Remington 788 Obverse of 41:  Bolt action, .223 cal w/ scope No. 42 Crescent Arms Peerless Obverse of 42:  Double barrel, .12 ga shotgun No. 43  Ithaca Model 37
Obverse of 43:  .16 ga pump shotgun No. 44  Mossberg Model 190 Obverse of 44:  Bolt Action, .16 ga No. 45  JC Higgins Model 20 Obverse of 45:  Like new, .12 gauge
No. 46  Rossi 2 in 1, .410/.22LR, synthetic w/ case No. 47  Ruger 10/22, .22LR, synthetic w/ box No. 48  Marlin Glenfield Model 30 Obverse of 48:  Lever action, .30-.30 caliber No. 49  Mossberg 500, ventilated rib
Obverse of 49:  .12 ga pump, Accu-Choke Barrel No. 50  Marlin Model 60 Obverse of 50:  Semi-Auto w/ scope, .22LR No. 51  Savage Mark II, .22LR, fancy stock Obverse of51:  B/A, Stainless barrel, scope
No. 52  Savage 110E w/ synthetic stock Obverse of 52:  Rem magazine, 7mm & box No. 53  Winchester 1300 w/ Nikon scope, 12 ga Obverse of 53:  Rifled deer SWG barrel, Synthetic No. 54  Winchester Model 70
Obverse of 54: B/A  .300 Win Mag, No. 55 Winchester Model 67-A Obverse of 55:  Bolt action, .22 cal rifle No. 56  T. Parker, New York, . 12 ga shotgun Obverse of 56:  Double laminated steel barrels
No. 57  J Stevens 5100 .12 gauge  shotgun Obverse of 57:  Springfield dbl barrel shotgun No. 58  J. Stevens, .16 gauge No. 58 has flying goose engraving Obverse of 58:  Double barrel, 1915 patent
No. 59  J Stevens 5000, .16 ga No. 59 has pointing dog engraving Obverse of 59:  Double barrel No. 60  Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, .12 ga Obverse of 60:  Single shot shotgun
No. 61 Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, .16 ga Obverse of 61:  Single shot shotgun No. 62 Ruger New Model Blackhawk Revolver Obverse of 62:  .45 Magnum caliber w/ case No. 63  Ruger New Vaquero Revolver
Obverse of 63:  .357 Magnum caliber w/ case No. 64  Ruger P90,  .45 ACP caliber Obverse of 64:  Semi-auto w/ 2 magazines & case No. 65 Ruger LCP II w/ laser sight Obverse of 65: .380 cal, 3 magazines & box
No. 66  Smith & Wesson M&P Body Guard w/ box Obverse of 66:  .380 cal, 2 magazines & soft case No. 67 Taurus PT-22, semi-auto pistol w/ box Obverse of 67:  .22 caliber No. 68  Rossi 2 in 1 w/ soft case
Obverse of 68:  Wooden stock, .22LR & 20 ga No. 69  Tracker 209 In-Line, black powder Obverse of 69:  .50 caliber, synthetic stock No. 70 Ithaca M49-R lever action rifle Obverse of 70 :  .22 LR caliber
No. 71 Winchester 190 .22 caliber Obverse of 71:  Semi-automatic rifle No. 72  Remington Model 10 Obverse of 72:  Pump action, .12 ga shotgun No. 73 Mossberg 500-C, .20 ga, vent rib, choked
No. 74  CBC Model 5B Obverse of 74:  Brazilian sg barrel, .20 ga shotgun No. 75  J Stevens Favorite Rifle Obverse of 75:  Octagon barrel, .32 caliber No. 76  Marlin Glenfield Model 60
Obverse of 76:  Semi-automatic, .22LR No. 77  Armi E. Contento over & under shotgun Obverse of 77:  .20 ga, nice condition No. 78  Stevens 67-L, Series E shotgun Obverse of 78:  Pump action, .12 ga
N. 79  Savage Model 340-V rifle Obverse of 79:  Bolt action, .225 Win w/ scope No. 80  Savage 440A over & under shotgun Obverse of 80:  .12 gauge No. 81  Remington Wingmaster 870
Obverse of 81:  Pump action .12 gauge No. 82  Ithaca Model 37 Obverse of 82:  Pump action .16 ga No. 83  JC Higgins 583.20 Obverse of 83:  Bolt action, .12 gauge
No. 84  Winchester  Model 67 Obverse of 84:  Bolt action, .22 caliber No. 85  Stoeger/ER Armentino shotgun Obverse of 85:  Double Barrel, .20 ga No. 86  F.I.E./ERA over & under shotgun
Obverse of 86:  .12 gauge No. 87  Mossberg 500-A Obverse of 87:  Pump action, .12 ga No. 88 JC Higgins 583.16 Obverse of 88:  Bolt action, .12 ga
No. 89  Westernfield, .22 rifle Obverse of 89:  Semi-Automatic No. 90 Syracuse Arms Co. Obverse of 90:  .12 ga, double barrel shotgun No. 91  Savage Model 720
Obverse of 91: Semi-Automatic .12 ga No. 92 Winchester Model 37 Obverse of 92:  .16 ga, single barrel shotgun No. 93  Marlin Model 60 Obverse of 93:  Semi-automatic, .22 rifle
No. 94  Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Obverse of 94:  .20 ga, matted rib, sgl barrel shotgun No. 95  Marlin Model 60 Obverse of 95:  Semi-Automatic .22 ga rifle

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Winchester Ammo
Winchester NIB knife, oil can, etc Ben Pearson Cross Bow Older ammo boxes Stag knife & older26" bayonet Leather handle sheath knives
More of interest Berkley & other filet knives Ka-Bar cased Vietnam Fighting Knife Camillus Cased Pearl Harbor Memorial Knife Case Sharpening Steel & Knives
Stag handle sheath knives & pocket knives Gerber & Robeson Cutlery Sets Antique swords w/ inscriptions Old Timer, Klein electrician's knive, Parker-Frost NIB
6, new in box 6 more, new in box 4 more new in box Sharpening Steels:  Dicke, Lee, Hoffman More:  Village Blacksmith, etc.
Butcher Shop Knives, hinting knives Chicago Cutlery Knife set Chicago Cutlery logo

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Just a bunch of neat things Antiques & Collectibles Winchester Ammo & related items
Mini oil cans & more! Many oil related items Winchester Tools of all types
Winchester commemorative knife w/ case
Replica signs More signs Winchester gift box, see next image
Winchester Commemorative fishing lures Vintage 2 man manual hedge trimmer

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