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Live On-Site Auction
Location: 225 Adams Street, Hobart Arena – Bravo Room, Troy, OH 45373
Began:  03/15/20 at 12:30 PM EDT

Excellent Public Auction

Vintage Cameras – Clocks
Precision Instruments – Microscopes –  Scales
Sports Memorabilia – Radios

Postcards – Stereo Cards – Military Books & More!


Held at the Bravo Room of Hobart Arena, 255 Adams Street. From I-75 take Exit 74 east on Rt 41 (Main St), then north on Adams at Kettering Hospital 2 blocks to sale site. Parking in north lot & City Park. Watch for signs. You’ll like this facility & the quality of this event.

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2020 ~ Time: 12:30 PM

Doors open at 11:00 AM.  The Bravo Room is located at the northwest corner of the Arena.  Enter down the ramp from the circle drive.  Concessions will not be available.   

NOTE:  The auction will begin with cameras and antiques with the times for additional items staggered during the auction as the siutation warrants.  My seller and my company are committed to bringing these items to the marketplace within the stated guidelines.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.  


VINTAGE & HIGH QUALITY CAMERAS: Leica M3 Double Stroke, #749xxx w/ 50mm f28 Elmar and 135mm Tele-Elmar lenses; Leica IIIf, #598xxx w/ Summitar 50mm f2 and 90mm Leitz lenses; Hasselblad 500 C/M w/ Zeiss lenses: 8mmm f28, 150mmm f4 incl Polaroid back, automatic bellows extension & other accessories in original boxes; Hasselblad 500C w/ Zeis 50mm f4, 80mm f2.8 & 150mm f4 plus 2 extra backs; Mamiya M645-1000S w/ Mamiya lenses: 35mm f3, 55mm f2.8 80mm f1.9 & 150mm f4, plus accessories; Mamiya Universal Press camera w/ 127mm f4.7 lens; Mamiya C220 w/ 80mmf2.8 lens; Nikon S2 Rangefinder w/ 50mm f2; Nikon black F2 w/ 4 lenses; Nikon F body; Nikon AFS 17-35mm f2.8; Nikon FG20 w/ 18-70 zoom; Nikon 500mm Reflex w/ Nikkor filters; Nikkormat. FT; Nikkormat w/ 24mm f2.8; Exacta VX IIa w/ Kilfitt Makro 40mm f2.8 & 1 other; Exakta VX in original box; Exakta V; Exakta VX 1000; 5 Minolta’s; 5 Voigtlanders; Kodak Retina IIIc w/ original box & extra lenses; Pentax K1000 & 1 other; Yashica A; Zeiss & several others. Note: Some lenses may be sold individually. PLUS: Bolex H16 (16mm) movie camera w/ lenses; 2- 16mm projectors: Revere Model 48 & Natco; 2 B&H vintage movie speakers.

LARGE FORMAT CAMERAS: Gundlach Korana 5×7 w/ Protar VII 18 7/8 lens, case, plate holders & 4×5 back; Korona 5×7 View w/ case; Korana 5×7 w/ Zeiss 135 f4.5 & extra back; 5-Graflex incl Speed, Century Graphic & Reflex View; lenses & cases; Pony Premo 4×5 w/ case & plate holders; Pony Premo 4×5 w/ case & plate holders; Goerz Berlin 4×5 early plate camera; Burke & James 8×10 view Camera in metal case; Reversible back long bed view camera 6×8, similar to one used by Edward Curtis; Nikonos II Underwater camera w/ flash, meter, etc; Wooden tripods.

VINTAGE MICROSCOPES & SCALES: E. Leitz 1891 brass microscope in walnut case w/ accessories; James Queen, Philadelphia, brass microscope; Nikon microscope. Unique 1897 National Computing Scales w/ cast dolphins; Fairbanks prescription scale w/ orig. directions; Ingento #8 scale in orig. box; Oriental scale in wooden case & No. 4 paper scale.

SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS: K&E Alidade in oak case; Buff & Buff; David White; K&E transit w/ US government markings. Tripods.

ANTIQUE CLOCKS: Elmer Stennes 61” floor clock (Grandmother) w/ inlaid mahogany case striking chime in running condition. Don’t overlook this model. Smith Patterson key wind shelf clock; 2 Seth Thomas column front weight clocks; figural gilt metal clock marked Ph. Mourey & others.

MILITARY BOOKS:  Photographic History of Civil War in 10 vols, 1911; New York at Gettysburg, 3 vols, 1900; Historical Registry & Dictionary of US Army, 2 vols, 1900; plus over 90 others both older & new incl many British such as A History of the British Army, 14 vols, 1899, not perfect. 

SPORTS MEMORABILIA, incl Univ of Dayton, OSU, Cleveland Browns & Indy 500: UD Flyers basketball programs: 1956 NIT at Madison Sq Gardens; 1956 program w/ Bucky Bockhorn on cover; 1956 program signed by Paxson, Uhl & all other players; OSU Programs vs: Minnesota, 1946, USC, 1948, Nebraska, 1955; Others: Nebraska-Notre Dame, 1947 and original Michigan State-Notre Dame, 1966. Cleveland Browns Programs (14) from 1946-1953 w/ one signed by O. Graham, Lavelli, Paraseghian, Buddy Young & others; NFL Cleveland-Detroit Championship program, 1952; Great Lakes Football program w/ Paul Brown cover, 1944; 2 Cleveland Browns hats w/ Elf logo; plus 1950’s Bears & Cardinals programs, nice group of Ohio HS & college basketball programs. Geo Mikan related programs w/ DePaul Univ & Minneapolis Lakers; Cleveland Rebels pro basketball & Cleveland Barons hockey. 1 each; Sport Cards incl John Elway 1984 & Jack Morris 1978 rookie cards & plus other related paper goods. Indy 500, 1960’s press pins (5), plus ticket stubs.

MLB BASEBALL: All Star programs, 1947, ’50, ’51, ’53; World Series program 1965; 1940’s & 50’s Cubs & White Sox programs; Cubs & Yankees press photos incl Whitey Ford. 10 Spalding baseball & football rule books from 1920’s & 30’s.

POST CARDS & COLLECTIBLES: Over 2000 postcards w/ most pre-WWI incl real photos, Santa’s & much more; stereo viewers & 3 flats of cards, circa 1900; also stereo-realist viewers & cards; Valentines & more! older military books; vintage radios incl: Fada, Blaupunkt, Motorola & 2 Crosley, plus tubes; 100 plus older vinyl records, the majority from 1960’s & 70’s.

NOTE: This is a special auction reflecting one family’s collecting interest but with an appeal to many others. Dayton, OSU & other sports memorabilia, great camera items & other antiques of interest. Details & photos can always be found at www.stichterauctions.com

TROY, OH  937-216-9878
AUCTIONEERS: Jerry Stichter, Scott Pence & Kevin Kauffmann

CASH or Check with required ID.

Held at the Bravo Room of Hobart Arena, 255 Adams Street. From I-75 take Exit 74 east on Rt 41 (Main St), then north on Adams at Kettering Hospital 2 blocks to sale site. Parking in north lot & City Park. Watch for signs. You’ll like this facility & the quality of this event.

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Leica M3 Camera Hasselblad 500 Camera Elmer Stennes Antique Clock All Stars Football Program, 1949 Cleveland Browns "Elf" Hats

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Indy 500:  Joe Dawson, circa 1912.   1941 start Early air ship & planes Unique card w/ airships & Pennsylvania hotel 20 early agriculture photos
Hunting scene & other unique views
Columbus baseball, 1908, MLB parks Advertising
Coupons NCR, injured employee Victims of mining tragedy
Cyclone destruction Dayton Flood Marietta, OH flood Columbus, OH flood Indianapolis, IN, flood
Trains & Railroad RR depots
Indian Lake, Russell's Point, OH New England, Race Track, Street Scene
Vintage gas station, 7 pumps Buffalo Bill Children
Lots of architectural true photos Military
Athens,Nelsonville GAR & Lancaster, OH Advertising
Die Cut bookmarks
Falstaff action trade card Obverse of Falstaff trade card w/ flowing beer 3 Halloween postcrds
Santa & other Christmas cards
Baseball caricatures Lithuanian Bitters trade cards Malt Bitters & 2 others Bitters Puzzle cards
Floral design bitters cards More! Bitters & other cards w/ children Die Cut Valentines Pop-up Valentines
Floral & Lace Valentines More Pop-ups
Valentine Postcards

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CB-1,  11/17/46 CB-2,  9/26/47 CB-3,  9/26/48 CB-4, 12/19/48 CB-5, 12/19/48, Scuff on lower left of cover
CB-6,  8/26/49 CB-6,  Back cover w/ signatures: O. Graham, etc. CB-7,   8/25/50 CB-8,  8/25/51 CB-9, 12/28/52  WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP
CB-10,  10/10/53 CB-11,  11/8/53 CB-12,  11/15/53 CB-13,   DUPLICATE CB-14, 10/24/54

Jerry Stichter Auctioneer Inc.


2081 S. Greenlee Road Troy, OH 45373

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