A very nice collection of military memorabilia covering WW I & II, Korea, Viet Nam & misc other conflicts

Approx 70 Helmets – Weapons – More of Interest

Live On-Site Auction
Location: 623 E Ash Street, Ohio National Guard Armory, Piqua, OH 45356
Began:  11/13/10 at 9:30 AM EST

Good Public Auction

Military Memorabilia  – 20 Year Collection


Held at the Piqua National Guard Armory, located at 623 East Ash Street, Rt 36, just west of Exit 82 off I-75, between Dayton & Lima.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2010     TIME:  9:30 AM

SPECIAL NOTE:  A very nice collection of military memorabilia covering World Wars I & II, Korea, Viet Nam & miscellaneous other conflicts.  The majority of the offering represents the USA, followed by items from Germany & Japan, and supplemented with more from Britain, Italy & Russia.  You’ll like the originality of this collection, approaching 90%, with a minor amount of replica pieces suitable for re-enactments.

United States Military:  WWI: Pants, boots, pouches, cartridge belt, grenade carrier, mess kits, canteens &  field manuals; repair box for 1917 rifle.  WWII:  Uniforms, cartridge belts, mess kits, flashlights, hats, field jacket, life preserver belt, poncho, shelter half, duffle bag, barrack bag, overcoat, pack board, rucksacks, e tools, picks, wire cutters, machete, compass, canvas bucket, gas mask,  telescope for M-5 Stewart & M-4 Sherman tanks; AN/PSR-IA  Seismic Intrusion Detector complete w/ head phones; ammo crates & cans; foot lockers & much more!
German:  WWI:  Helmets, canteens, shovel & e-tools.  WWII: Helmets, shoulder boards, rank chevrons, badges,  patches, pins, medals, ribbons such as RAD badge, Paratrooper badge, assault & wounded, etc.  Match safe, 3 bread bags w/ straps,  gas masks, canteens, mess kits, rucksacks, zeltbahn, compass, airplane clock,  field telephones, telephone wire reel, wire cutters, minefield markers, goggles, flashlights, Luftwaffe lantern, field stove, medic pouches, harmonica,  song books, miscellaneous photos, maps, paper goods, coinage; WHW Tinnies; water can; grenade case & 3 wooden ammo boxes w/ 1 marked SS.

Helmets (Approx 70):  US steel helmets WWII -1980’s (12);  Flak, Flight & ACH helmets.  German WWI (7) including “Mail” helmet sent to Troy, OH by John Nitzel; WWII (26) representing models, 38, 40 & 42 w/  mixed conditions, paint & decals but to include an all original Air Raid Warden & an  Africa Corps pith helmet returned to the US by JP Kelch, plus 1 helmet w/ battle damage.  Others:  WWII: Japanese, French (2), Swedish, Italian (3) & Spanish.  Post War:  Russian, Polish, Czeck, Israelie paratrooper, Spanish leather tank helmet, etc.  Few Dough Boy helmets. 

Weapons:  MG-34 semi-automatic rifle, plus 2 spare barrels, barrel carrier, 2 pc blank barrel, blank adapter, 2 ammo cans, regular & AA tripods & misc, offered w/ reserve.   Japanese type 99 rifle, as is; Soumi Finnish dummy gun from parts kit; P38 blank firing pistol w/ 2 mags & holdster; Colt Thunderer revolver, nickel plated w/ pearl grips; New England 12 ga pump shotgun. 

More of Interest:  Corporal chevrons from 1880’s artillery troop; US issue stirrups & spurs; non-military horse bits; trench art; Japanese Army NCO sword;  patches; manuals; books & paper goods; Huey helicopter access panel & troop seat; reproduction German wall tent; 7 mannequins; Coke picnic cooler & plastic clock. 

Auctioneer’s Note:  If you have an interest in military history, you’ll like this event.  These items from a private collection are in good condition & offer a variety from which to choose.  Please plan to attend.  

Jerry Stichter & Scott Pence, Auctioneers

Cash or Check w/ required photo ID.  VISA & MC w/ 3% convenience fee.  We do not have a pin pad for Debit cards.

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